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Are you interested in learning whether or not air duct cleaning is right for you? Air Duct Cleaning San Francisco can save you hours of researching about this topic on the internet and from other companies. We are happy to provide you with all of the information we know on studies performed, recommendations from the EPA, and finally, a thorough understanding of exactly what our service can do.

When Air Duct Cleaning Is Needed

According to the EPA, there are instances in which a complete air duct cleaning service is appropriate and beneficial. These instances include:

  1. When there is an infestation of mice, rats or other vermin
  2. When there is a confirmed mold substance growing in the air ducts, the entire system should be cleaned extremely thoroughly to prevent re-growth
  3. When there is a high amount of dirt and debris built up along the walls of the air ducts

When you see a significant amount of build up along the walls of your air ducts, it only makes sense that it is time to clean them. A proper service, in addition to possibly providing health benefits, can result in greater system efficiency, and hence energy cost savings for you!

The EPA has compiled some data on air duct cleaning in response to the heightened awareness of indoor air pollution. The EPA does not provide a wealth of facts and studies, however they do summarize some of the limited studies performed, and they state that regular air duct cleaning may not be beneficial or necessary. However, the EPA does agree that air duct cleaning, when necessary, does not seem to be damaging.

Although not everyone knows the above information, San Francisco Air Duct Cleaning wants people to trust our company and feel comfortable that they know all of the information needed to make an informed decision.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

When we have determined with you that air duct cleaning service is right for you, we will explain to you the wide variety of services we offer. This list includes everything from basic dryer vent cleaning (which is very important, as a clogged dryer vent is a fire hazard!), to complete duct cleaning service. We can clean your entire heating and cooling system, the majority of which are made up of the following parts: supply, supply main and supply branches, humidifier, return, filter, air handling unit, drain pan, and blower.

We highly encourage you to trust only the professionals when it is time for vent duct cleaning. Air Duct Cleaning San Francisco's technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in servicing many, many different types of heating and cooling systems, as most models slightly differ from one another. No matter the age or type of your system, we will ensure that the job gets done effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, your home and your time will be treated respectfully to ensure you are more than pleased with our service.

There are many ways in which Air Duct Cleaning San Francisco can assist you in creating a healthy home and healthy breathing atmosphere. Call us today at 415-683-3235 to learn more!