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Rug Cleaning San Francisco Team is noted for its ability to clean Persian and oriental rugs without spoiling their natural beauty. If you really value the rugs in your home then it is well worth the expense of having them professionally cleaned. We aim to preserve the color and texture of your rugs and to prevent the damage that hidden dirt and grime can do to them.

How to Preserve the Beauty of Your Area Rugs

We value our professional reputation and will not begin work on cleaning your oriental rugs until we have determined its age and origin; this is the best way of determining the most appropriate cleaning method. Some rugs do very well with the steam cleaning process, but not all materials are suited to that type of deep cleaning. We always test the color fastness of your area rugs to ensure that they are not spoiled during the cleaning process.

Rug Cleaning San Francisco labels every rug with its origins, color fastness and most appropriate method of cleaning before it goes to the cleaning center. Once it reaches our cleaning staff, they remove any excess dirt and dust before using the recommended cleaning process. Once the surplus grime and spot cleaning treatment has been applied, each rug or carpet is individually hand washed with non-abrasive cleaning materials.

Deep dusting is very important when cleaning delicate oriental rugs and carpets, and this is something that is not offered by many on site carpet and rug cleaning services.

We know that if this dust is not removed before any wet cleaning and washing is undertaken, it can cause mud to form and damage the rug even further. A combination of moisture and dust can be extremely damaging to your area rug or carpet and may cause irretrievable damage, if the dust is not got rid of first.

The professional cleaning processes that we use will eliminate any pet odor that may have transferred to your rug, any mildew odor and any organic or non-organic stains.

Green Cleaning: What You Should Know

The cleaning elements used by many carpet cleaning services can aggravate allergies and respiratory symptoms like asthma, and can also cause adverse reactions like headaches and dizziness in those who don't suffer from these disorders. Ordinary carpet rug cleaning is important because it allows removal of dust and allergens from rugs and conveys an effective way to control allergies and asthma in your environment.

Carpet Cleaning San Francisco specialists offer a professional service that we believe, is second to none. Our expertise in dealing with area and Oriental rug cleaning just cannot be matched.