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Carpet Cleaning: What You'll Get

Carpet cleaning can be a real chore. And most of us simply don't have the carpet cleaning equipment that would allow us to do the cleaning that would be similar to the results offered by professionals, even with all of those useful tips we get online and from our favorite magazines. Our professional carpet cleaning services provide more than carpet and upholstery cleaning in San Francisco, CA. We suggest a large cleaning program that covers all areas of your home and fabrics, and areas which you may not have even thought about cleaning yourself. Call us TODAY 415-683-3235.

Carpet Cleaning Machines - Steam, Dry & Truck Mount

Truck Mounts

Truck mounts are the best carpet cleaners because they do the following:

  • Reduce work time
  • Deeply penetrate the carpet fibers which means they do deep cleaning
  • Dry much faster

When it comes to carpet cleaning equipment, truck mounts come in two different styles: Slide-in and Van-powered. The slide-in style is harder to operate. The van-powered on the other hand is easier to operate and does not take up as much space.

Dry Carpet Cleaners

The advantage with using dry carpet cleaning equipment is that it dries your carpet faster. Your carpet is somewhat wet, but it does not soak it. It takes about 1 - 2 hours for it to dry. Dry carpet cleaners leave no chemical residue behind because most of the time, the moisture evaporates. We use plant-based cleaning products, so you don't have to worry about these products damaging your carpets or area rugs.

Steam Cleaners

We like carpet steam cleaners because they extract dirt and grime from your carpet using a mixture of soap detergents and water. Our technicians are using steam cleaners with drying capabilities so no breeding ground for mold is being set.

Carpet Cleaning Service in San Francisco

There are numerous ways to clean carpets, but our San Francisco carpet cleaning services define hot water extraction as the main method. Most steam cleaning services involve applying a cleaning solution in combination with hot water, which is then removed almost immediately along with the dirt and oil from the carpet. This method is suitable for cleaning carpet stains and for performing restoration services.

Bonnet cleaning involves applying carpet cleaning solutions to carpet and agitating them with the cleaner. Soil from the carpet is deposited onto the pad. Other solutions are completely dry. The product is worked into the carpet and then vacuumed away. Dry carpet cleaning services are not as common as other types. Some consumers who prefer this method include schools, offices or other 24 hour businesses.

Dirt and debris break down carpet fibers, leading to unsightly bare spots in high traffic areas such as hallways and entryways. While vacuuming helps cut down on the dirt in a carpet, only a thorough deep clean can really get rid of most of the dirt and lengthen the life of your carpet.

The professional staff of Carpet Cleaning San Francisco knows exactly how to clean different types of surfaces, from upholstered fabric to leather, from ceramic tile to marble. We also do refinishing hardwood floors, air ducts and HVAC systems care and Oriental rug cleaning.