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No matter how much care you take of your upholstery, accidental spills and stains will occur, and they are not always easy to remove with the usual household remedies. If you really want to see your furniture upholstery looking as good as new then you really should try our top notch professional upholstery cleaning service in San Francisco.

At Carpet Cleaning San Francisco we try to glean as much information as possible before the cleaning process even begins, that is why we label all upholstery fabrics with the information we have and our recommendations for a particular kind of cleaning process.

For example we ascertain the material the upholstery is made from and the color fastness or age of that material. If your sofa and chair upholstery consists of removable covers then these will be individually checked as mentioned above, and then washed by hand.

Upholstery Cleaning Service: House Cleaning Needs Answered

We provide a personal service because we know that everyone's upholstery cleaning needs are different and that different types of material require different cleaning processes. At Carpet Cleaning San Francisco our technicians offer steam cleaning, wet shampoo cleaning and upholstery dry cleaning. Your upholstery fabric is treated with care and we guarantee long life and super finish for your upholstery.

Hot water extraction method uses live steam at boiling point to remove the toughest stains from your furniture upholstery. Wet shampoo method is used for soiled upholstery and also Pre-conditions it. We use standard and branded detergents in the process. Our wet cleaning experts have wide experience providing these services. Dry cleaning extraction process uses dry solvents and is specifically designed for delicate upholstery.

The upholstery cleaning procedure is performed by knowledgeable persons in their fields. We set up modern technology in our processes and the upholstery is treated with all care and depending upon the fabric and make.

A good reason to hire carpet cleaning services to clean your furniture is indoor air quality. Green upholstery cleaning supplies can help control allergies & asthma by improving air quality, without harming the environment or your family and pets. Cleaning old furniture will help remove dust, dander and mold trapped in the fibers of upholstered chairs and sofas. We only use the most natural and non-abrasive cleaning materials to care for your upholstery.

Like most people today, you probably don't have the time to undertake the kind of deep cleaning that all upholstery and other soft furnishings occasionally need, that is where we come in. Carpet Cleaning San Francisco is a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company that will not only save you time, but also preserve the good looks of your soft furnishings for a lot longer than might normally be the case.