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Water Damage Restoration in San Francisco

Water damage can occur when there is a leak somewhere in your home, or if you have flood damage. Some moisture in the home is normal but non-flood damage can occur if you have a poorly maintained roof or inadequate insulation. Water damage can also occur if windows are not fitted properly or if there is damp or mildew present in your home.

Water can do a great deal of damage to your furniture, your carpets and your flooring, and the only way to restore belongings that have suffered water damage, is to use a professional cleaning service.

How to Get Rid of Mold Using Professional Help

Carpet Cleaning San Francisco operates experts in water extraction, which is a necessary preamble to restoring your flooring and upholstery to its former glory. The methods employed in dealing with water damage will depend on what type of damage has occurred and whether it is caused by inefficient maintenance or flooding.

Although there are home remedies that can clean up water damage, there are cases where water extraction machinery is needed and this should only be undertaken by professionals. You can help yourself by making sure that your windows and doors fit properly, that there are no leaks in the roof, and that your home is well insulated. We can assess how the damage has occurred and what is needed for us to perform water damage restoration.

Serious water damage restoration should be left to qualified professionals such as ourselves. We can get rid of the excess water and then clean your carpets and upholstery with our specialist cleaning processes and seal off any leaks.

We extract the water, remove any mold and odors, sanitize the area and dry it. If the damage was caused by sewage, harmful bacteria can cause severe discomfort or sickness. It needs to be cleaned immediately. To prevent future damage, the solution might be to reduce the dirt around the outside of the house to allow the water to move away from the building, install a sump pump, or to do a simple repair to leaking pipes or washing machine hoses.

We use different water damage restoration methods depending on the type of water (clean, sewers, etc.) to restore your home to its former state.

Once your flooring and furniture is dry, then we will apply the processes that are necessary to restore wood flooring, carpet tiles, rugs and upholstery. If you want your home to be free of water damage, then you need the services of a professional cleaning company such as ourselves.

Using the right restorative cleaning products is important. For mildew problems or fungus or mold on bathroom tiles, the tiles may be washed with bleach and rinsed with clean water. For mildew on the walls and ceilings, the solution may be to install a dehumidifier, insulate the walls, or install a vent in the kitchen. In the process, we dehumidify, disinfect and sanitize your home.

Note: After your call 415-683-3235, Carpet Cleaning San Francisco Team will visit your home or business within 24 hours and provide a complete inspection of the damage and an estimate before beginning the work.